Daniel Smith <span style="color:orange;">15ml</span>  Extra Fine Watercolor – Quinacridone Lilac

Daniel Smith 15ml Extra Fine Watercolor – Quinacridone Lilac

DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Lilac lies between Quinacridone Rose and Quinacridone Magenta within the DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone color family. This new, vivid pink with the slightest blue tone, is a must have for florals, and like all our Quinacridone colors, Quinacridone Lilac excels in vivid clarity and intensity.

Pigment: PR 122 | Series: 2
Lightfastness: II – Very Good
Transparency: Transparent
Staining: 3-Medium Staining
Granulation: Non-Granulating

The Foiled Fox

The Foiled Fox