My Favorite Things Bundle of Balloons Stamp Set
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  • My Favorite Things Bundle of Balloons Stamp Set

My Favorite Things Bundle of Balloons Stamp Set

Bundle of Balloons stamp set by My Favorite Things.  This stamp set includes a festive 4″ x 6″ stamp set with a bunch of buoyant balloons and celebratory greetings galore. With five different balloon shapes as well as an array of strings, your balloon bouquet can be unique to each new project. Bundle of Balloons stamps and dies can be mixed and matched so you’ll have *just* the right balloon for any crafty occasion — use both stamped and die-cut balloons to create jubilant scenes that boast dimension, color, and contrast. There’s no need to limit your Bundle of Balloons crafting to just birthdays either — almost any celebratory occasion can benefit from the addition of balloons!

This 18 piece set includes:

  • Balloons (5) L-R 7/8″ x 15/16″, 3/4″ x 15/16″, 11/16″ x 15/16″, 11/16″ x 15/16″, 3/4″ x 7/8″
  • Strings (5) each 1 1/2″ long
  • I Hope Your Day Is All Kinds of Happy 4 1/16″ x 3/16″
  • Bursting with Happy Birthday Wishes 2 9/16″ x 7/16″
  • It’s Always a Good Day for a Party1 5/16″ x 11/16″
  • Celebrate the Day 2″ x 3/16″
  • Here’s to Another Year Full of Adventures 2 7/16″ x 3/8″
  • Blow It up on Your Birthday 3″ x 3/16″
  • Today I Am Celebrating You 3 1/16″ x 3/16″
  • Happy Belated Birthday Wishes3 1/2″ x 3/16″
The Foiled Fox

The Foiled Fox