My Favorite Things Stencil Cloud
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  • My Favorite Things Stencil Cloud
  • My Favorite Things Stencil Cloud

My Favorite Things Cloud Stencil

Cloud stencil by My Favorite Things. My Favorite Things is thrilled to bring you our line of MIX-ables Stencils. These exclusive, American-made stencils will be an essential ingredient in your paper crafting and mixed media projects from this moment forward.

With our MIX-ables Stencils you can paint, spray, mist, spritz, airbrush, sponge, doodle, mask, and more!

MIX-ables Stencils are designed to work with a variety of surfaces including card stock, canvas, cork, chipboard, acetate, and fabric. They measure 6” x 6”.

This extraordinarily versatile stencil features four unique edges. Mix and match the edge designs to create a beautiful sponged sky.

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The Foiled Fox

The Foiled Fox