Jeni B Blue – Shimmerz Vibez Spray
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  • Jeni B Blue – Shimmerz Vibez Spray

Jeni B Blue – Shimmerz Vibez Spray

Jeni B Bleu Vibez Spray is part of the Shimmerz Paints family.  Jeni B Bleu Vibez Watercolor Spray is aqua blue with pearl shimmer.  All the sprays are in a 2oz. spray bottle and water based.

Before using, roll between the palms of your hands to mix.  Then, turn upside down and roll between the palms again.  It is not recommended to shake as shaking can clog the spray nozzle.

Shimmerz Paints have many families of paints.  Jeni B Bleu is part of the Vibez spray grouping.  Vibez sprays are intensely pigmented sprays with varying colors of shimmer, including gold, pearl, silver, bronze or various mixtures of all. They are pre-mixed, shimmery, pigmented spritzes that are quick drying and easy to clean-up.

  • Aqua blue spray with pearl shimmer
  • 2 oz. spray bottle
  • Water based
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