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Kuretake No. 55 Double-Sided Brush Pen – Hard & Soft

Also called, the Fude Pen Nihondate Kabura Brush Pen No. 55 by Kuretake.  It is a double-sided pen with a firm fine point for detail work and a flexible rubber brush tip, perfect for blocking in color. Brush Pen No. 55 is a water-based dye, thus is water soluble and perfect for creating a wash effect.

Brush Pen No. 55 can be used among all types of crafters and artists, from sketchers to illustration artists.

This double-sided hard and soft felt tip brush pen from Kuretake gives you the best of both worlds for your artwork. Great for outlining and coloring in art or creating different scenery effects.

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The Foiled Fox

The Foiled Fox