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  • McCaffery’s Ink – Brown

McCaffery’s Ink – Brown

McCaffery’s Brown ink is a thin writing or drawing ink.  The McCaffery’s Brown ink has a rich brown hue to it.  This ink is best with dip pens.

Made by Neil McCaffery, is an iron gall formula, which accounts for its thin consistency and the ability to create fine hairline strokes.  Also, like most iron gall inks, the ink, when first applied and wet, is lighter in color than when dry.  As it dries, it darkens.

McCaffery’s Ink are a real favorite of ours.  We prefer his inks when writing in a Modern Calligraphy style or any of your traditional (such as roundhand, Spencerian and Copperplate).  The inks are also good for drawing.

Since the ink is thin, some practice first is advisable to get the ‘hang’ of how the ink applies.

Note: all of McCaffery colored inks are thin EXCEPT white and ivory

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