WOW! BLUE Fab Foil

WOW! Blue Fab Foil

Wow Embossing Powder-Fab Foils – Blue. Use Fab Foils to achieve stunning metallic effects on projects. Glamorous, and easy to use. For best results, use with WOW! Bonding Powder (sold separately – see below in the “You May Also Like” section). You can use Fab Foils with double sided tape, glues, glue dots, die cut double sided tape sheets and tape runners.

Here is another good technique to apply the foil:  Using the foil and your laser printer you can create foiled images or text.  Simply print the image or text with a laser printer (must be laser printer, ink jet printing will not work), lay the foil on top (shiny side up) and run it through a Minc Foil applicator (see below in the “You May Also Like” section below) or laminator.  After you run it through the Minc or laminator, peel off the foil and the foil will have adhered every where the toner was on the paper.  You can also use a toner pen (see below in the ‘You May Also Like” section below) to hand draw your images or text and then follow the same steps.

This package contains one 4×28 inch sheet of foil.

The Foiled Fox

The Foiled Fox