Spellbinders BetterPress Unboxing and Release

Spellbinders BetterPress Unboxing and Release

Wa-hoo! The time is finally here. The Spellbinders BetterPress letterpress system is finally here and I have a special video showing you the unboxing and the ins and outs on how to use this AWESOME system. I have to say, I have an antique letterpress machine that I have used for years and the Spellbinders BetterPress is ingenious how they made it super easy and very effective. You get luxurious results with this brand-new system!!


Above is the card that I made while demonstrating the BetterPress. The plate used is the one included in the BetterPress kit.

Here is the video that shows how to use it, from start to finish, plus some tips, do’s and don’ts, and close-ups.

Below, I have included a complete list in the supplies of everything you can get right now and a few items that are pre-order. The pre-order items will be available shortly!

Now, let’s take a look at more samples from Spellbinders.

Aren’t these samples gorgeous? I am in love! 

Don’t miss out on this system. There is a limited quantity right now worldwide, so if this system floats your boat like mine, grab it now and enjoy beautiful results!

Thanks for your time and interest! I hope you love it too! 


All the BetterPress products available: