So Very Thankful… for you!

So Very Thankful… for you!

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We are concluding our “Gratitude – Thankful for you” week with Heather Telford. It has been so much fun to share her beautiful designs and her heartfelt messages. And, it has been equaling wonderful to hear from so many of you. We really appreciate each of your comments and have enjoyed hearing a little about you and your life.

Today’s project is a lovely one, using the versatile Penny Black Xmas Sprig stamp set and Catherine Pooler inks. Heather tells you all about it below. Then, don’t forget to comment to be entered into our GIVEAWAY!

Thank you for joining me here on the Foiled Fox blog again this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments on the Monday and Wednesday posts and appreciate you taking the time to share your gratitude with me and other readers. If you haven’t read the earlier posts you might not know we are wrapping up a week of gratitude posts today and there is a giveaway. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment letting us know something you are grateful for. The comments will stay open all next week too and we will post a randomly chosen winner from each post on October 9th.


Today I am thankful for my home. After experiencing a tornado in our city last weekend I am once more reminded how privileged I am to have the shelter and protection.

I have a leafy thank you card today made with the Xmas sprigs stamp set from Penny Black. I am always happy to have stamps that can span the seasons. Before I use Xmas sprigs for Christmas designs I decided to put it to use for an autumn card. I used Catherine Pooler inks in three colors and plenty of spritzing for a watercolor effect.

There are three stamps in the set and one has a Christmas bauble on it; I left that one out and used the other two. I used my Misti and inked the largest leafy stamp with Bellini, Spruce and Shea Butter inks. I spritzed the stamp with water to get the colors blending then stamped on the panel. Once stamped I blended the image a little more with a paintbrush. Next, because there was still ink on the stamp I spritzed more water on it and stamped again, this time getting a pale but still multicolored image.

I moved the panel in my Misti and repeated the same process with the large leafy stamp and then again a couple of times with the small leafy stamp. I pressed the ink pads onto my glass mat and added some water so I could splatter some ink droplets around the card.

For my sentiment, I used half a die-cut and half a sentiment stamp. The full PB die says ‘thankful heart’ so I just snipped off the heart. The full stamp says ‘so very special’; I just masked to get the first two words. I wanted my die-cut word to match my ink so I swiped the ‘spruce’ ink across a piece of watercolor paper a couple of times and let it dry. The Catherine Pooler inks are very juicy and do an amazing job at coloring paper. I added double sided adhesive to the back then cut ‘thankful’ twice and stacked the die-cuts together. Before I attached the die-cuts to the panel I stamped my little words in place.

I decided I didn’t want to mat the whole panel but I wanted another design element so I cut a thin strip of my spruce ink colored watercolor paper. (my paper trimmer is listed below and cuts thin strips with the utmost ease!) I ran the Tombow dotted adhesive along the thin strips and attached them to my panel which I trimmed to fill the whole front of the card base.

I am so happy to be sharing here today and look forward to reading your comments below.  Thanks for dropping by.


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30 thoughts on “So Very Thankful… for you!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! These stamps can be used year round. I look forward to see your creations. I am grateful for a supportive and loving family that live close by. Family always comes first with me. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. I love the look you create with spritzing the stamp after you’ve inked it. You are such a talented lady & I wish you lived on Vancouver Island so I could take classes from you. No wanting too much is it? lol I started making cards after I had to leave work due to medical issues & I am thankful for the small corner of online crafters that I follow & the wonderful companies, like Foiled Fox, that showcase those of you who are so very good at what you do. It is inspiring & uplifting.

  3. I just love fall cards and this one you created is no exception. I am grateful for the 41 years I was married to my husband who passed away last year. I am grateful for this wonderful hobby which kept me busy ahelped me express my thoughts this past year thank you for the instructions and inspiration.

  4. Lovely card, I do like the way you use the inks and water to make them look like water colours.
    So glad you are alright Heather, I am in Victoria, BC but have people in Ontario. The weather is changing all over the world, so thankful we don’t get anything like that here…yet. Love your work.

  5. Beautiful card! I love the colors and the delicate design!
    I am thankful for my interest in paper arts! It has given me something I love to do and a longlasting hobby. I started out stamping when my daughter was in preschool in 1986! It’s been a continuous source of inspiration and joy!

  6. Heather,
    Your greetings are so lovely. I’m grateful I can read your blog and learn from your artistic creations. I’m most thankful for this craft that has captured me these last 25 years and allowed me to share what I learn by volunteering at senior citizen homes and my friends. You are a blessing. Thank you.

  7. Heather,
    Your greetings and desingns are lovely! I’m most grateful for continuously learning new things about this craft. I volunteer at a citizen
    Home encouraging card making there. I’m so thankful for your blog with insights on learning about new products to enhance card marketing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. You are a wonderful teacher, Heather. Once again I am in awe – using a Christmas stamp for a fall card – I need to learn to look at stamps with a new eye sometimes. I’m grateful for teachers who inspire me.

  9. As I said on your blog, I absolutely love this card! The colors, the splatters, the artsy images… swoon! I’m thankful for my home as well. I moved to a new home not too long ago, and I really have been loving it here. Can’t be thankful enough!

  10. You are so right Heather; we were lucky to not be affected by last week’s tornado here in Ottawa. Thankful to have a cozy spot to quilt and stamp. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. What an easy and great technique in order to watercolor your card. I just love the fall color pallet, too! You asked what we are grateful for…I am first and forever grateful to be a child of God, a girl in love with Jesus Christ. Nothing will ever replace that. In addition to that, He has blessed me with so much and one of those things is the ljoy of encouraging others, which many times comes out in the form of a card, handmade with love!

  12. Glad your home is ok.
    Beautiful watercolour effect. You got the colours to blend beautifully. I’ve tried this technique and have not been too successful… my images come out as blobs with little definition.

    So I’m grateful for my husband, family… and my health! Health reasons caused my life to change direction and allowed me to accidentally discovered this amazing papercrafting / I’m grateful my health has been stable for 5+ yrs. to allow me to explore my crafty side.

  13. Beautiful card! I am grateful for the young woman who cares for our animals when we travel. She takes such extraordinary care of our fur babies!

  14. Today I am thankful for my family and friends and friends that I didn’t even know I had. This past Tuesday I had a mastectomy. So many people have been making food for us, sending cards and their thoughts and prayers, sending flowers and offering rides to my appointments. One person that I dont even know that well took the time to make 2 beautiful mastectomy pillows and ship them halfway across the country. I am so totally amazed and truly grateful for this huge outpouring of love.

    1. Carol, I am so pleased to read that friends and family are rallying around you to give you help at a time when you really need it. The kindness of others is such a blessing.
      Take care, I hope your recovering continues smoothly.

  15. Heather, your card is wonderful! Love how you used Christmas stamps for other seasons & the coloring is awesome. I am very grateful for all the inspiration I find on your posts! My husband is battling pancreatic cancer & I am so very grateful for every day he is still with me. It has been a hard battle!!

  16. Your card is beautiful and you are one of my favorite artists. Always enjoy seeing your inspiration. I am very grateful for my children.

  17. I love your cards and am thankful you share them with us! I’m grateful for my friends and family.

  18. Very pretty card, I like the colors blended in the stamping. I am thankful for my husband and family, sharing life with great people makes it so fun and fulfilling!

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